#YoufitSuperman Summer Workout Challenge

If you are looking to test your fitness abilities at Youfit, or to change up your routine, look no further than our monthly challenges presented on our Youfit App.

Through the “Challenges” tile in the Youfit App, you can join our monthly challenges that will take place the 1st through the 15th of every month, with every month featuring a new challenge. The challenges are based on completing a number or workouts, workout duration, distance or calories burned. You can even see how you stack up against your community on the challenge leader board.

Anyone can join at any time during the 15 day period, and some challenges will even include a raffle to win exclusive Youfit prizes at the end!

Our first monthly program is our #YoufitSuperman Summer Challenge that is guaranteed to help you get Summer ready. The rules dictate that you must record at least 12 workouts in that time period (you may log more, there is no max) in order to be successful.

The #YoufitSuperman Summer Challenge will be running from June 1st through the 15th on the Youfit App and you can join at any time during that period. Record your workouts and be your own Superman or Superwoman- you got this!

Upload a picture of you and your workout buddy participating in the challenge with the hashtag #YoufitSuperman and you may be featured on our official Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page!

Download our app on iTunes or Google Play and stay up to date on Youfit news and our challenge of the month.


We had a total of 632 participants, 501 were female, and 219 of the participants completed the challenge.