YouGX Jingle Jam

Well, big surprise, but the holidays are here. Of course, you already knew that. Heck, everyone knows. The streets are lined with holiday décor. The grocery store checkout lane has candy canes and advent calendars (yum!), and every TV commercial or Facebook ad is about Christmas this or Hanukkah that. You probably find yourself singing ‘…all I want for Christmas is youuuu!’ to yourself on the way to the bathroom (no? Just us? Oh.).

But if you’ve maybe felt like your Youfit location could use some more of the holiday spirit, aside from the front desk, well you better gear up, because you’re gonna love what your YouGX classes are up to between December 10 to 14 – YouGX Jingle Jam!

We have more than 60 locations with YouGX classes nationwide, and all week, we’ll be offering specially themed classes for the holiday season. That means your favorite Santa shirts, or your ugly dreidel sweater, silver and red pom pom socks are all encouraged as part of your workout attire. Seriously!

Is there anything better than doing burpees and planks while dressed as Santa Claus? Not that we know of, honestly. And to sweeten the deal, Youfit members can bring friends and family for FREE all week. Yes, FREE!

So if you and your clan have been saying, ‘man, it would be great to get in a good workout together before the holiday (cakes),’ now’s your chance. But just make sure to pack that reindeer sweatshirt.

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