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Take Our Pride Beats To The Gym

Checkout our Pride month playlist by Kesha/DJ KP and take these fire beats to your next workout.


Take Our Pride Beats To The Gym

Checkout our Pride month playlist by Kesha/DJ KP and take these fire beats to your next workout.

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Learn About Our

Pride Month DJ, Kesha

As one of the most sought after female DJs in the Tampa Bay area, Dj KP (Kesha) has been a music lover her entire life. Her passion is making other people happy through the gift of music. Music is the language or the world and the passion she has for Diversity. Equity, and Inclusion in all things is resonated through the music she plays. She considers herself simply BLESSED to work with some great organizations already including Aloft Tampa Downtown. 7th & Grove, and Studio Ci Hair Salon. She sits on the board of her companies African American Network and this seat provides her an additional opportunity to be a part of and even facilitate some great conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Whether it be a corporate event or a private wedding, Dj KP's motivation is to continue to impact the world we live in one, or maybe five songs at a time.

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YouFit Gyms
PRIDE Playlist

COV Kesna Porter

Catch Us At The Pride Parades

This year YouFit Gyms will be participating at the Wilton Manors and St.

Petersburg Pride Parades. Join our team and ambassadors for a chance to

celebrate inclusivity!

Jaime Filer is an online coach, specifically helping the LGBTQ+ community integrate their mental and physical health. She's been a trainer for over 15 years, as well as a being a motivational speaker and published fitness model.


Ashley Romano, better known as BigGirlFitGirl, is an advocate for body acceptance and radical self-love. She is a 2x triathlete and foodie who loves to hike, kayak, travel and snuggle with her old lady dog, Bella. When she’s not on an adventure or soaking up the s un you can usually find her “bringing inner beauty out” at her hair salon


Bremen, a Brazilian in his late 20s, is a lifestyle coach with a real passion for fitness and traveling the world and exploring its varying cultures. Bremen is trilingual, speaking Portuguese, English, and Spanish with a little Italian, which allowed him to coach people online all over the world through his social platforms. His healthy lifestyle, along with infectious energy and positive outlook on life, have made Bremen an influencer with incredibly loyal and engaged followers.


Katie Filer is a speech-language pathologist, part-time assistant coach, and full-time badass influencer. She’s also a dog momma and competitive bikini athlete who holds a pro card with the OCB.


Aby Deal, Self Love & Mental Health Advocate, Ally, Influencer, and Owner of Curvy Confidence Events based out of Gainesville, Florida. Aby is an advocate for creating safe spaces, representing body diversity in mainstream & social media, and celebrating inclusivity for all.


Ana Salles, MS NASM certified fitness trainer ISSA certified Sports Nutritionist Bikini athlete Mom and wife


My name is Timothy McLemore, I’m a community organizer and social media influencer. Bringing awareness to self expression and self acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community is what fuels my motivation to be great.