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The old adage is true: if you love what you do,you'll never work a day in your life.

The team at Youfit Health Clubs experiences this day in and day out. Whether it's helping a member one on one at a club or improving processes behind the scenes at the corporate office, every person on Team Youfit contributes toward making our communities healthier and happier. So if you're passionate about helping people feel better and live better, working at one of our 115 locations or at our corporate office won't seem much like work at all!

It's Where You Fit In!

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Youfit is looking for qualified, professional, and career-minded over-achievers to join the team. With over 115 clubs nationwide, we are growing fast and our employees are too! We offer benefits for full-time and part-time employees including a 401(k) program, career development, various health, vision and dental benefits, company-paid certifications and a free membership - of course!

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Personal Fitness
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    "Our group of trainers are very team oriented and we make a great Team together, we do not hesitate to bring our challenges to each other."

    Gino AminpourYouCoach Trainer Level 2

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    "I love working for Youfit because from the second I was hired I was given the opportunity to grow within the company."

    Alejandro CamargoFront Desk - Team Member

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    "This company has given me so much more than I can ask for, from having an eccentric atmosphere to all the people constantly cheering each other on."

    Karina AguilarGeneral Manager

Core Values

Our Core Values

Our Core Values define the Youfit Health Clubs culture. They are ever evolving just as our company evolves in an effort to stand out as the best health club in the nation. Each value guides the daily actions and decisions of Team Youfit.

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    Member First

    It’s simple: without our members Youfit would cease to exist. We must always remember to make each customer feel special in order to remind them that Youfit truly is the most welcoming Health Club in the nation, making us the BEST health club in the nation. Remember that whether they stay for 1 minute or 1 hour, each and every one of our members comes first.

  • Together, We're Stronger Icon

    Together, We're Stronger

    When we work together – sharing knowledge and respect – we make Youfit a great place to workout and an even better place to work. Communication and feedback are key to the success of our business. When it comes to open communication, there is no chain of command – we are always here to listen and speak with you.

  • Raise the Bar Icon

    Raise the Bar

    We never stop raising the bar on our business, which includes doing absolutely whatever it takes to get the job done. So we bend over backward to help every member, club and employee achieve their goals and find success. This includes new ideas, challenges, systems, and a constant improvement and evolution of Youfit.

  • Live Better Icon

    Live Better

    We know that exercise and nutrition are critical components to a long and vibrant life. So we don’t just preach it; we personify it. We lead by example – practicing healthy habits and making better choices – so our members can get the most out of life.

  • Green is Our Color Icon

    Green is Our Color

    Just as eating greens is healthy for people, being green is good for the health of our planet. That’s why we’re dedicated to being the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly health club in the nation.

Messages from our leadership

Messages from our leadership

jj creegan - CEO of YouFit

To be successful on Team Youfit, you have to buy into the culture. Into our core values. Into our overall mission and goals. I joined this company 16 years ago and today, I see us within reach of a massive goal: one million members by 2020. We didn't get here without hard work, heart and a "whatever it takes" approach to our days. And we won't get to that milestone without continued effort and a solid, committed team.

So if you're passionate about helping people and you want to "raise the bar" on your own career path, I encourage you to apply today. I look forward to meeting you and working with you on Team Youfit.

jj creegan official signature
Chief Operating Officer