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Healthier Employees?

Wellness plans help save money overall on healthcare costs.

Youfit Health Clubs is dedicated to improving the health of our communities through engaging, individualized programming that allows everyone the capability of living the healthiest life possible. We accomplish this through membership to our health clubs and on-site employee wellness services aimed at reaching every team member. No matter the size of your company, Youfit Health Clubs expert staff can evaluate your company and outline the programs necessary to improve health and productivity while reducing the cost of your premiums.

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Top 10 Reasons We Work For Your Company

  • 1
    Reduced healthcare costs and related expenses
  • 2
    Individualized programs for every company
  • 3
    Face to Face programs to increase accountability and success
  • 4
    Expert guidance from Certified staff
  • 5
    Streamlined programs on-site and inside our clubs
  • 6
    Proven programs to increase participation and utilization
  • 7
    Programs designed to reduce the risk of injury
  • 8
    Stress Management and Rejuvenation programs
  • 9
    Very affordable and tailored to your companies budget
  • 10
    Increased participation in your company's biometric screenings and health assessments

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Tons of Locations to Choose from